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This page created by Chris Purola and last updated on 7-31-99.

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Killer Whales Rule All!!!!

Dolphins and Mp3s, too.

So I have a few links, and right now I am trying to get a very large collection of the darn things on this little page. So I will be mostly be carrying mp3 links, and the occasional software or cool toy link. I also love Whales and Dolphins, and have many pictures of them. So have fun and look around, and hopefully you won't trip on anything. Right now I have somewhere around 700 pictures (JPEG, GIF, etc.) of orca and dolphins. since i can't post them all ( i only have 11 mb of space on geocities right now)i may build a thumbnail gallery and circulate the pictures through them if I can get time off of my schoolwork.


4:35 PM 9/9/99

I put all of the old updates into another file, you can see them here. I really havn't done anything besides change the top picture, so bye for now.

8:07 PM 11/28/99

Well, after having a nice thanksgiving weekend i am back to updating my site again. I have updated this page, and also added some new lyrics files to the singit page, here.

Here are the links that disappeared when i moved the old updates:
If you want to see my winamp playlist, go here.
To go to the picure that i colored, go to the little one or the big one (1 meg!)
To see the stuff i did for the lyrics displayer SingIT, go here.

Hey, I finally got around to uploading the cetatian sounds. Here they are:

I have two ways for you to get the sounds. They are in native .WAV format or are also avalible in .Mp3 format.

 File Name



 VHF Dolphin Sonar



Dolphin Echolocation (sonar)



Orcas (From sea world?)



 False Orca Calls (???)




To play mp3s, you need an mp3 player. I recommend Winamp,
because it has a great interface, and excellent flexibility.
You can go to this page and download it for free. Or if you are using a Mac
go to this page.

Ok, here is how the ripper/encoder thing works. First, you use a ripper, which takes a track off of a cd and stores it as a .wav file (30+Mb), then you use an encoder which compresses the .wav file into a .mp3 file, which takes 10mins to 2 hours. I don't have a link to a page which has rippers, encoders, mp3s, and how to use them at the moment.

That is all that I have for now, I will be updating it regularly,
so bookmark this page, and check back soon.

This is a link to my links page.

This is a link to links on cetacians. (I know i spelled that wrong!)

I got some pictures that i drew, go here to see them.

Ok, and I like dragons too, so here are some links to some cool pages....
I also think you should go to my dragon gallery(not very big) all of it from the movie DragonHeart.
A good dragon page
a page About the movie dragon heart with some pictures

I also have some links to godzilla sites
A page with some godzilla photos.
THE Godzilla Page



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This Page is dedicated to all of the Orca, Dolphins, and Dragons of this and any other worlds of this universe.

I will be adding to these pictures as I get more of them, so check back soon.

I would also like to thankfor letting me put up my webpage for free!

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