I have a few sounds and hope to get those posted sometime this week. check back soon cause i will update this page again soon.


I have added a java applet to my page and will get the sounds soon.


Not much here, deleted that link.and stuff


Wow. I deleted the applet in favor for faster loading and added in a guestbook!! sorry for no update lately, didn't have much internet access for a while.


 I have added some pictures that my friend nato colored and enhanced. You can see them here.


Added some cool winamp skins. Check them out here!

 2:51 AM 7/31/99

Hey, Just got my winamp playlist uploaded. you kan go here to see all of the musik i can listen to on my komputer. haha about the spelling, it is 3 in the morning and i am tired. Just tryin' to be funnie. i will update soon. if you visit here frekuently, then visit my guestbook. itz a scream. Bye! P.S. I found some more sounds on my drive, i will convert and upload them soon.

 2:08 AM 8/5/99

Well, I added some more dragon picts, also killed some pictures that were just sucking up space on my geocities server (Only have 8 meg!) so i will be uploading some more stuff soon. I also added this beautiful picture that a classmate drew a while ago. I scanned it, retouched it, and colored it. here are two links, on to a little size, and one to the full size (Warning, almost 1 Meg!) i also created the background and most of the colors used. here is a little pic of it:

 12:02 AM 8/6/99

Wow, Geocities is still a stinge for space. You know what? I might have to get another geocities address to give me more space. I am so stuck for space. Well, that's enuf complaining for now. I might also get a Xoom address too. If u know of a web page server that gives free space other than Tripod, Geocities, or Xoom, pleeze email me. (Click on the little picture of the letter on the geoguide at the top of the page.)

 12:13 AM 8/20/99

Yes, I am a night owl, if you havn't figured it out yet. No, i haven't modified those time and date stamps, they were put there by notepad when i pressed F5. Well, I have been getting into this program called "SingIT" for winamp. It is basically a cool lyrics displayer. It runs pretty well, but takes a lot of CPU time. Using it on anything less that a P-133 would be useless, i don't have one so if you do and can get it working please email me (kwhale@ameritech.net). I have written some lyrics files. (I am listening to Bush:Little things right now.)If you go here to my SingIT page you can D/L some lyrics files, and maybe SingIT itself, you gotta go there. Crap, my desk is a mess. I don't have much else to say, Oh, I have also already gotten some more space on FortuneCity, I will put some crap there until they decide to kick me out. If anyone who comes here is a FurNation member, please mail me about how to become a member, I have lots of work I would like to display there. Well, I will update again soon.