Singit Page

Click on any of the links for lyrics to the songs.

Here are two ways to download SingIT. You can download the WinZip file (52K) or if you don't have WinZip, then there is the self extracting file. (84k) Here are the links


Here are the songs. Just D/L these, rename them to .LRC and put them in the lyrics directory that you specified in singit.


Ben Folds Five-BrickSee below about this one

Smash Mouth-Allstar

Blink 182-A New Hope

Blur-Song 2

Blink 182-Wasting Time

Blink 182-What's My Age Again?

BranVan 3000-Drinking In LA

Lit-My Own Worst Enemy

Listen, that Ben folds five one, that one only works with one mp3, so I was reluctant to offer it. The mp3 that it works with is normally named something like "snl-ben_folds_five_brick.mp3" it has to be the one that was recorded at their performance on Saturday night live. You know if you have the right one if there is a fade in of cheering and the music starts at 00:01 (one second) into the mp3. there has to be residual cheering until 00:07 (seven seconds) into the file. If you have it, good for you, if you don't, sorry, but if someone emails me a more common ripped file I would be glad to do the lyrics for it. Brick is one of my favorite songs. Also I am currently working on BranVan 3000-Drinking in LA, i'll post it when i finish it. Visit my playlist, and if you write some good lyrics files, then mail me them! I'll be glad to post them here. Have a nice day!