Pokemon Videos

These videos are not the best, I know. My capture card is far from the best. But these videos are pretty decent.

The intro to Pokemon

This is a "Pikachu's Jukebox" Music video.

Messed up vid, sound kinda stinks, plays too fast, but good.

Click on one of the videos to go to another page, which has some shots of the video. Keep in mind that these videos are small, i have bigger ones which i mite upload, if i have the space. I have a 33.6 modem and that is also the other limiting factor. These videos are compressed with Xing Mpeg Encoder into MPEG format so that I am not trying to upload 150MB AVI files. For you Mac users, if your version of Quicktime doesen't play these types of files, I don't have a MOV encoder, but when I do, i will make Mov's out of them as well. I plan to upload more but due to space constrictions, i will most likely delete the old ones as new ones come in, so get them while they last.