Hi and welcome to my Pokemon page!

THis is my Pokemon page, blah blah blah. if you have come here then you probibly already know about pokemon, so I will spare you. (I don't feel like typing that much anyways)

So here are the goods. now remember that i only have 15MB of space on this GeoCities site, so I cant post everything at once. Here is what i have:

A couple of Pokemon Videos that you can watch. I got them with my video capture card. They are here in MPEG format, so if you have something that won't play it, that's your problem.

Some Pokemon sounds. Some of them sound horrible, don't blame me; i didn't make em'.

Pokemon pictures. These are downloaded from pokemon.com, they are here in case you really hate pokemon.com, or if they are too slow.

Well, that's all for now. Oh! Please visit my other page on geocities! Yes, I know that i don't have pictures on my page. Why? because that's why you can go download them! My page loads instantly. You're thinking "wow, it actually did load within a few seconds!" That's because i don't use pictures. I use good old text. This entire site was created with Notepad in windows95'. Yes, that's the text editor. I know HTML. I don't need a fancy editor. My other page is also made with notepad.

Here, email me if you want.

I would also like to thank GeoCities for letting me have the free space to put up this and my other site which without would have no means to express my creativity.