Chris's Cetacean Page

Well, it's not the most graphically intensive page in the universe, but at least it loads fast.
Why? For one thing, . For another, I program all of my own HTML. How?
I designed this entire site with NOTEPAD! That's right,
Well, I guess you came here for something to do with Cetaceans, right? Well, i'm sorry, but i don't have the time or motivation to write long stories on them or display long reports on them. One of the only things this site is here for is to give you IMAGES! That's all that i really do anymore, collecting images i mean. I just have made it a hobby sort of. Go to a web site. if you like the images there, save them to the hard drive.
As of 4-11-00 i have 987 images of cetaceans. I am always collecting more.
if you want a specific image, just gimme a description of it and i will try to find it and mail it to you. My email is at the bottom of the page or it is here.
I really hate all of those copyright issues, that's mine, you have to have a link, all that. I just like pictures. Since i have so may pictures, i will not be able to show all of them at the same time (DUH!) so i have to show only a few at a time. Someday this page will have links to other pages and rings. Be patient. Right now, though here are some other pages on my site:

This is my picture gallery. I hope you enjoy it.
Here are my cetacean sounds. they are avalible in wav and mp3.

Here are the webrings that i am in: